Berlin Marathon: Ex-world footballer Kaká runs with

His fine technique won’t help him, endurance counts: ex-world footballer Kaká is running a marathon in Berlin for the first time – with an ambitious goal.

One of the most prominent participants in the Berlin Marathon is not a professional runner at all. Former world football player Kaká will try the 42.195 kilometer route for the first time on Sunday. As the 40-year-old announced in the capital on Friday, he wants to try to run under 3:40 – a time in the top average for amateurs. The Brazilian has already covered half the distance.

“What I take from professional sport is more the mentality. My body was used to different movements,” said Kaká, who won the preliminary round with Brazil 1-0 against Croatia during the 2006 World Cup in Berlin and scored the winning goal. . As a footballer, he ran for an hour and a half, but never in one go. He became aware of this when he jogged for the first time for 40 minutes without a break.

Kaká at the Berlin Marathon: “A very good city, good atmosphere”

Kaká will run with his trainer, who recommended Berlin as a route for his debut. “A flat marathon, a very good city, a good atmosphere – the whole package made me want to run in Berlin,” explained the former attacking player, who wanted to participate in one of the big marathons. His brother, who was injured during the preparation, and his father, who will only be hospitalized after a month and a half due to a corona infection, also accompany the 2002 world champion.

Kaká, who arrived in Berlin on Thursday, is a little nervous despite his experience with big football matches and enjoys being able to run with the pros as an amateur. “I can say that the best one won at that time and I can say that I ran with him,” explained Kaká. There are about 45,000 registrations for the largest German marathon.

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