Borussia Dortmund – BVB offensive turns from showpiece to problem: is coach Edin Terzic now thinking of a rethink?

Edin Terzic took the stage in Dortmund’s Lensing-Carrée to the applause of the big-chested fans present.

There is no doubt that the mood among Borussia Dortmund supporters could hardly have been better after the 1-0 (0-0) win in the first district derby in over a year and a half against FC Schalke 04. After all, the black and yellow did not only clarify the balance of power in the Ruhr area for the time being with that prestigious victory, but also moved to second place in the Bundesliga table.

“These are the best three points you can get,” Terzic said happily on “19:09 – the black-and-yellow talk” from the “Ruhr Nachrichten”, where the BVB trainer was a guest on Wednesday evening.


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However, when a football fan talks about the Revierderby these days, there is no way around one name: that of Youssoufa Moukoko.

Moukoko insists

The 17-year-old became a celebrated hero with his winning goal and so the striker debate at BVB flared up again.

“It’s a big burden for him. We hope that Mouki (Moukoko; anm. d. Red.) can draw strength from it. But my job is to tell him at the young age of 17 what isn’t so good yet. But if it doesn’t work out, I’ll remind him of that day,” explains Terzic.

For now, the youngster has to settle for the role of Joker behind Anthony Modeste in the striker’s pecking order, who was turned upside down after King Sebastien passed on Haller’s cancer. Only at the start of the season against Bayer Leverkusen (1-0) was Moukoko allowed to start centrally in the attack.

However, the numbers certainly speak for the German U21 international. With two goals and two assists, he is top scorer in black and yellow together with Marco Reus. Modeste has scored one goal so far this season (with the same number of games).

While the new Cologne signing against Schalke was largely ineffective, as in the previous matches (14 plays), Moukoko immediately gave the Dortmund game its previously missing depth. A quality that Borussia has so far missed.

Youssoufa Moukoko

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BVB offensive lahmt

The times when Erling Haaland almost single-handedly shot BVB to victories with his elemental power are finally over. Borussia have scored just nine goals in seven Bundesliga games this season. In the top half of the ranking, only FSV Mainz 05 scored fewer goals than Borussia (seven).

By comparison, last season the later runners-up already had 19 goals to their name at once, even though they conceded more than twice as many (seven to 13).

“We want to find a balance between offensive and defensive,” Terzic announced. So far, the success speaks for the new, old trainer, who focused on defense in the summer. BVB has so far recorded four 1-0 victories. Undoubtedly a quality – but the question arises how long this will last in the long run.

Especially since Captain Reus, the last most reliable attacking player in the derby, suffered an ankle ligament injury and will be out for several weeks.

Humble in criticism – Terzic countert

The demands and thus the criticism of Modeste are correspondingly higher. “He looks like a foreign body and doesn’t fit in the team,” TV pundit Dietmar Hamann recently complained about “Ruhr Nachrichten”.

The new signing is “not integrated at all so far. He is probably the best header in the Bundesliga, but he doesn’t fit in the team,” said the former Bayern professional.

Terzic, however, did not want to leave it that way and defended the French. “Unfortunately, he has only been training with us for a short time. We are happy with him. I also told him that BVB will measure him against his goals. I don’t measure him that way. His weapons,” said the 39-year-old, told the whole team at work, adding: “Anthony will be our top striker.”

Words unlikely to resonate with competitor Moukoko, who is currently negotiating his contract, which expires next summer. However, should the 17-year-old continue to improve after the international break, it will be increasingly difficult for Terzic to choose Modeste over the celebrated derby hero.
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