Boxing: Mike Tyson: ‘Sometimes I Can’t Talk’ | Sport

The boxing world is concerned about Mike Tyson (56).

In August, photos surfaced on social media of the former world heavyweight champion in a wheelchair.

Tyson went on to explain that he was occasionally confined to a wheelchair as an aid due to the sciatica disease. There is constant pain in the sciatic nerve. Tyson’s lower back is especially affected.

In an interview with the American broadcaster “Newsmaxx TV”, the boxing champion now explains that sometimes he can’t even talk because of the pain from the disease.

Tyson: “When it flares up, I can’t even talk. But thank God this is the only disease I suffer from. Everyone in my house is truly blessed and we are all very grateful for what we have.”

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Source: BILD/Sportdigital/YouTube: Sports Extra


Tyson had struggled with alcohol problems for years. In 2013, he said of himself, “I’m on the brink of death because I’m a bad alcoholic.”

He still describes himself as a recovering addict, but also said in early 2021: “I stopped using cocaine and drinking. I mean it, everything has changed, my whole life.”

Tyson now has his own podcast where he interviews guests from the sports and entertainment world and has since returned to the boxing ring.

In September 2020, he fought in a show fight against former world champion Roy Jones Jr. After Tyson dominated the fight, the game ended in a draw for fairness reasons.

There has also been speculation for months about another comeback for the boxing legend. The influencer brothers Logan (27) and Jake Paul (25) repeatedly challenge Tyson to a duel. But he remains calm.

As boxing trainer Freddie Roach (62) reports, Tyson watched a sparring session from Jake Paul, but quickly left the training hall unimpressed. It seems that “Iron Mike” himself is calm now.

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