Mick Schumacher’s future still open

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Mick Schumacher’s future still open

Haas team principal Günther Steiner gave an interview to his colleagues at ‘RTL’ and revealed that whether he would hire a younger or more experienced pilot for 2023 would also depend on his “gut feeling”.

“That’s the crucial question that I can’t answer myself at the moment,” said Steiner, who emphasized: “We want to get better as a team.” The question is therefore: “What is the best way with which driver?”

There have been some conversations with team owner Gene Haas lately. However, it went “neither in one direction nor the other,” Steiner says. The race team is currently still in the process of “gathering information”.

Interesting: a driver like Nico Hulkenberg is also a possible candidate for Haas thanks to his “experience”. In principle, according to Steiner, almost all drivers with a super license are on the list.

So we’ll have to wait and see what the team’s decision is.

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Speaking of punishments

Time and again we get questions about the fines for exceeding the budget limit. When in doubt, this can go as far as exclusion from the World Cup. Here too, however, the rules are not specifically formulated.

And at Ferrari, for example, there are already doubts about controllability. “The FIA ​​and the teams need time to understand, interpret, clarify, monitor and master it,” explains team boss Mattia Binotto.

His full statement is here!

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Sven wants to know what happens if a team does not follow the Friday drivers rule. This is not exactly stated in the regulations. Both a financial and a sporting punishment would be conceivable.

As for the second question, it would of course be against the spirit of the rule if no driver was used at all on Fridays. However, this is not exactly laid down in the sports regulations.

In Article 32.5 heißt es im Wortlaut: “On one (1) occasion in each car entered for the Championship during each Championship, each Competitor must use a driver who has not competed in more than two (2) Championship races in his career. This driver may only participate in FP1.”

A minimum distance is not prescribed there. So it’s probably a matter of how the rule should be interpreted, should such a case ever arise.

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Sebastian Vettel’s Formula 1 Career

… you can see this extensively in this series of photos. Perfect for the lunch break. Click through!

Photo Gallery: Sebastian Vettel’s Formula 1 Career

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Three years ago today…

… Sebastian Vettel won the Singapore Grand Prix for Ferrari 2019. What no one knew then: it would be Vettel’s 14th and final Grand Prix victory for the Scuderia.

And what fewer people suspected at the time: it will probably even have been Vettel’s last Formula 1 win ever – if he doesn’t create a sensation in the last six races in 2022.

With 53 wins, Vettel is still in P3 behind Lewis Hamilton (103) and Michael Schumacher (91) in the all-time leaderboard. More statistics can be found in our extensive database!

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Alfa Romeo makes announcement

I like this kind of news… Anyway, Alfa Romeo has announced that there will be news on September 27th. That’s next Tuesday. Is it possible that the second driver will be announced? Or the Audi entry?

There can be speculation! If something exciting happens, you will of course hear from us. Because next Tuesday we will of course be at the start with a ticker!

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Binotto: Nobody is perfect!

Ferrari has been criticized several times this year. Sometimes the car was not reliable enough, sometimes the strategy was bad, sometimes the drivers made mistakes. Mattia Binotto, however, is demonstrative in front of his team.

“I think the team as a whole has done a fantastic job developing the current car,” he said. The team boss also admits: “To win titles, you have to be reliable without a doubt.”

The same goes for strategy, pit stops and the like, wherever you need to improve. But he also makes it clear that “mistakes” can always happen. “It’s almost impossible to be perfect,” explains Binotto.

In general you have “a great team”, emphasizes the team boss, who sees that his team is well positioned for the coming years.

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Formula 1 circuits that have never been driven

In line with this, I would like to refer you to this video again. In the history of the premier class, there have been many Grand Prix dreams that have been shattered – sometimes just before the first race!

In some cases the track had already been built, but a Formula 1 car has never driven on it. But see for yourself:

Six Formula 1 circuits that have never been driven

2022 includes 23 routes. Yet there are Grands Prix that should have been on the appointment calendar for a long time, but were never achieved. More Formula 1 Videos

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Madrid update

A few months ago, Madrid officially signed up for a Formula 1 race. The plans are now taking shape. From 2026, the royal class must return to Jarama. That reports the Spanish ‘Marca’.

According to track designer Jarno Zaffelli it would be “technically” possible to make the aging track suitable for Formula 1 again. It is also considerably cheaper than building a completely new track.

The cost point should therefore be 40 to 50 million euros. Let’s see whether the project will actually be realized or whether the plans will eventually disappear in the drawer. If it wasn’t the first time in Formula 1…

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Masepin: Formula 1 return imaginable – but not to Haas

The Russian has not completely given up on his dream of Formula 1. According to ‘grandprix.com’ he clarified in an interview with the Russian ‘AvtoRadio’: “I would not [zu Haas] return, […] because I don’t want to be in Formula 1 at any cost.”

“Human qualities are also important to me,” says Masepin, who is no longer able to work with Haas as a result. However, there are “nine other teams” that he could certainly imagine talking to.

Masepin currently has a lawsuit with Haas. “First of all, they owe me last year’s salary,” he explains, stressing that it is an amount “with five or six zeros.”

No other payments were made either. The biggest loss, however, is that Haas robbed him of his place in Formula 1. “I wanted to be in Formula 1 all my life,” said Masepin, who can still envision a return.

Just not with Haas anymore.

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Coincidentally Tsunoda…

Then I think of this series of photos! A true classic. Who do you think will be the next young person to make this list…?

Photo Gallery: Red Bull Juniors in Formula 1

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What will happen to de Vries now?

As a reminder, Nyck de Vries was also recently associated with a cockpit at AlphaTauri. Does the Tsunoda extension mean it’s gone? No! The Dutchman still has a chance.

The background is that Alpine is still interested in signing Pierre Gasly. And if Red Bull releases the French, de Vries could take over the free cockpit at AlphaTauri.

The driver market remains exciting!

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Only four cockpits left

Officially, there are now only four cockpits left for the 2023 season: one each at Alpine, Alfa Romeo, Haas and Williams. Incidentally, Franz Tost justifies the decision by saying that Tsunoda has “improved a lot” this season.

“The pace he has shown recently is clear evidence of a steep learning curve, showing that he deserves a place in Formula 1. I expect some strong results from him in the remaining six races of 2022,” he said. toast.

“I always say that a driver needs at least three years to fully get used to Formula 1. So I’m glad he was given the time to show his full potential,” emphasizes the Austrian.

It also shows that Red Bull’s youth program is working.

Photo Gallery: The Formula 1 Drivers 2023

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AlphaTauri confirms Tsunoda for 2023

Bad news for all drivers who have calculated their odds at AlphaTauri: the team has just officially confirmed Yuki Tsunoda for 2023. Both places have now been taken there.

More about that in the ticker.

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Second weekend without Formula 1

Because the Russian GP has been canceled without a replacement, there will be no Formula 1 race this weekend either. There will be no more such a situation in 2023!

Excluding the summer holidays, the teams always have a maximum of one free weekend during the entire season before moving on to the next Grand Prix.

In fact, with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, China, Canada and Qatar, there are only six races that stand alone. There are also six back-to-back races and two triple headers.

Just like this year, the last phase of the season is particularly difficult. The last five races will be held within six weeks…

Photo series: New Formula 1 circuits since 2000

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