New service at the fresh counter

Rewe is expanding its range at the range and setting a clear example in the field of animal welfare and environmental protection. Customers can now look forward to this.

Since September 19, supermarket chain Rewe has also been testing vegan products at the fresh food counter in more than 50 stores. Until now, there is little or no choice for vegans.

In addition to the classic range, customers can also purchase a range of plant-based alternative products for meat, sausage, cheese and fish at the delicatessen, receive advice and determine the portion size themselves. This is according to a press release from the supermarket chain.

Clear separation: When it comes to display and packaging, strict attention is paid to the separation of vegan and animal products. (Who: Mariella Vagabundo)

For example, there are vegan salami and vegan liverwurst, vegan grilled skewers and vegan steak, various mature cheese alternatives or vegan deli salads.

Clear separation despite common counter

The meat-free range can be recognized by the “V-Label”. It is separated from products with animal ingredients by a lozenge. When using crockery and cutlery, care is also taken that animal and vegetable products do not come into contact.

The promotion of vegan food is an important part of protecting animals, the environment and the climate for Rewe, says Stefan Weiss, Head of Sales at Rewe.

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