ZDF expert polarizes with statements – “nobody is interested”

Christoph Kramer and Jochen Beyer spoke with Hansi Flick after the match against Hungary.Image: IMAGO images/Chai vd Laage For some, Christoph Kramer is the “witness” after his expert performance in the Nations League, for others “a dumb talker”. However, he always polarized with his bold statements after the 0-1 draw against Hungary. The words of … Read more

27 billion euros flows abroad

WWhen the largest German dividend payer Mercedes-Benz opens its treasury in April and shareholders share in the profits, the treasuries in Kuwait, Beijing and Hong Kong will ring. According to calculations by consultancy firm EY, of the nearly 5.4 billion euros paid out this year, 3.5 billion euros ended up abroad and just under 1.9 … Read more

What about the cheating charge?: Chess Association criticizes Carlsen for escalation

What’s wrong with the allegation of fraud? Chess federation criticizes Carlsen for escalation 24/09/2022, 4:47 PM Magnus Carlsen’s accusations of cheating have kept the chess world busy for weeks. Now the world association FIDE has spoken for the first time. Carlsen is criticized for his dealings with Hans Niemann. Nevertheless, the suspicion must be thoroughly … Read more

Nations League: After relegation – English press goes for the national team | Sport

“Humiliating Descent” ++ “Cruel Show” | English press goes for the national team No one need be afraid of these “Three Lions” two months before the World Cup in Qatar! The English national team’s nickname, which translates to “The Three Lions” in German, has rarely been more inappropriate. Because the team of coach Gareth Southgate … Read more

Kaufland limits butter to customers

Photo: Facebook Kaufland made a customer very angry. And with a shield. So she went to the game and complained. Butter is an everyday product and has repeatedly made headlines in recent months. Because the price has gone up enormously. However, there are always offers. butter for sale A Kaufland branch in Duisburg-Kasslerfeld offered a … Read more

Germany – Hungary: DFB stars sound World Cup alarm after bankruptcy | Sport

“Not much time left!” | DFB stars sound World Cup alarm from: Christian Falk, Heiko Niederer, Yvonne Gabriel, Yannick Hüber and Dennis Brosda First defeat under Hansi Flick (57), Nations League group win gone and whistle from the fans at the break: the DFB-Eleven has major World Cup concerns two months before the start of … Read more

Operating system VSE: the great unknown in the mainframe

In 1964, IBM released a family of compatible computers with the System/360, which continues today as the zSeries. In addition to the “Operating System” OS/360, from which the current z/OS originated, there was the “Disk Operating System” DOS as an operating system for small and medium-sized models, which with the successor S/370 via DOS /VS, … Read more

National team: Diversity Ambassador passed: New path madness | Sport

Diversity Ambassador Hitzlsperger was passed over | New bonding frenzy at the DFB The surprise about the DFB is growing… BILD reveals: The controversial decision to wear a new toad model instead of the world famous rainbow flag passed the official association ambassador for diversity! Thomas Hitzlsperger (40) to BILD: “As an ambassador for diversity … Read more

Bayerischer Rundfunk: director received about 500,000 euros for side activities

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