Rancid olive oil: Warentest punishes four products

Because of top quality
Rancid olive oil spoils appetite in goods test – four products fail

Really good olive oil should not taste rancid

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Stiftung Warentest has taken the best olive oil on the market and checked whether they are really as good as they promise. Four products yield a disappointing result.

Yawning emptiness on the shelves. Because sunflower oil was temporarily difficult to obtain due to the war in Ukraine, the demand for other edible oils increased rapidly. There was also a demand for olive oil. Has the run on oils led to inferior quality oils also entering the market? Stiftung Warentest investigated this question and tested the highest quality virgin olive oil. Two-thirds of the 19 olive oils are good, but four are so bad they failed the test.

Ironically, four organic oils spoil the taste of the product testers. They tasted rancid. Not only shouldn’t it be, it shouldn’t be. Sensory errors are not allowed with extra virgin olive oil. The “deficient” oils include those from Corovita and Müller. In addition to the bad taste, the testers were also annoyed by the heavy contamination with mineral oil components. All four oils do not meet the standards for high-quality oils according to the test and rattle through.

Olive oil from the discounter is “good”

Among others, the biological competition “Bertolli Bio” is doing better, grade 2.1. The oil is one of the most environmentally friendly. Whoever buys it promotes organic olive cultivation. The bottle is available for 10.90 euros. The discounters supply considerably cheaper oils. And they don’t have to hide either. Aldi’s cheap “Gut Bio Virgin Olive Oil Extra” oil is also “good” and easy on the wallet. The liter costs 5.75 euros.

The testers, on the other hand, get excited about one oil in particular: Crudo Sei Cinque Zero from southern Italy. Called a culinary gem, this is the only oil that smells and tastes very balanced, including green apples. But that also costs. For a liter you pay 36 euros, which is only available on the internet.

You can read the entire olive oil test for a fee test.de.

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