Secure a deep well pump from Güde for a record price

With the Güde deep well pump you can transport up to 4,500 liters of water per hour. At Lidl, the model is now cheaper than ever.

With a deep well pump you can pump larger amounts of water from great depths and narrow wells. The advantage over conventional garden pumps is the higher head. the

Güde GTT 900 deep well pump is now available at Lidl for a new record price of less than 80 euros: the model has never been cheaper than now! You save 50 euros on the average best price of the past few months. We present you the offer in more detail:

Top deal in detail: Güde deep well pump

The deep well pump is ideal for pumping clear water from, for example, deep drilled or impact wells with a pipe diameter of ten centimeters or more. The size of the dirt particles should not exceed one millimeter. With a power of 900 watts, the pump delivers up to 4,500 liters per hour. The maximum delivery height is 55 meters and the maximum immersion depth is 15 meters.

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