Supermarkets save energy: that also applies to customers

Updated on 9/22/2022 at 11:50am

  • To save energy, supermarkets must switch off the outdoor lighting from 10 p.m.
  • Many retailers will take further measures in the autumn and winter, which will also have consequences for customers.
  • They are also asked to change their shopping behaviour.

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Since September 1, discounters, supermarkets and department stores have to turn off their outdoor lighting from 10 p.m. This is the federal government’s regulations to save energy. But according to “Chip”, the dealers have developed other strategies. This also applies to customers.

This must be taken into account for frozen products

Specifically, the heating must be at least two degrees lower. Edeka also announces that it will no longer set up an action space at the entrance so that the doors do not open and close unnecessarily and cold air flows in. Department stores, which otherwise always have their doors open, should close them in the future if they are not needed.

Customers are also asked via a sign to quickly remove frozen products such as pizzas or fish fingers from the counter. After all, according to the German Nature Conservation Union, almost 40 percent of the final energy consumption in a supermarket is only needed for refrigeration. Cooling systems are the biggest power guzzlers.

Aldi has taken measures in Ukraine before the war

When asked by “Chip”, Aldi explained that Aldi Süd and Nord had already taken measures to save energy in Ukraine before the war. The REWE Group, which includes Rewe, Penny and Toom, regularly checks “energy-saving options” and raises awareness among their employees. In addition, the break rooms should be equipped with light motion detectors instead of light switches, so that light does not consume energy unnecessarily.
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Rewe offers will no longer be available on paper in the future. Instead of paper brochures, the company relies on digital solutions – more specifically on WhatsApp.

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