Tennis: mega provocation! Medvedev takes on fans | Sport

He just can’t stop!

The ATP tournament in Metz, France, round of 16. Number 1 seeded Daniil Medvedev (26) flies out against qualifier Stan Wawrinka (37). In the end it’s 4:6, 7:6(7), 3:6 from the Russian’s point of view.

Even more remarkable, however, is what happens during the game!

At the start of the third set, Medvedev is already 0:2 behind and misses a ball. Frustrated, he thunders the bat to the ground. Whistling and cheering from the stands. And how does Medvedev react? He provokes the audience with monkey gestures.

A scandal!

Not the first time the Russian attracted attention. He became known to the world audience at the US Open 2019. There he got into an argument with the New York fans during a match and even taunted them during an interview on the field after the game. Finally, he later apologized and said, “I was an idiot.”

He also drew negative attention at the 2021 Australian Open, arguing with his coach mid-match and even asking him to leave the box.

Similar to the tournament in Halle this summer. Medvedev frustrated again, his coach has to serve again. The number 4 in the world yells at him in front of all the spectators – he then leaves the stands.

Now the freak at the tournament in Metz, which takes place in the shadow of the Laver Cup in London. Tonight (9.30 pm / Eurosport) there will be a spectacular reunion. Roger Federer joins Rafael Nadal in doubles in the last game of his career.

The Swiss: “I hope to be good there and of course I want to enjoy it, but it will definitely be tough.” And: “I’m not sure I can handle it. I’ve often been nervous before big games, but it feels very different.”

And Nadal: “After all the great things we’ve shared on and off the pitch, it’s something unforgettable for me to be a part of this historic moment.”

Nadal continues: “I hope that together we can reach a decent level and maybe win the game.”

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