The next shortage is now looming in Germany

Symbolbild photo: Ymblanter, CC BY-SA 4.0, wiki

Again there is a shortage in Germany. The reason is hamster purchases. Because consumers are afraid of being left empty-handed.

There is currently a carbon dioxide shortage in Germany. Manufacturers can no longer produce certain drinks in sufficient quantities and there are bottlenecks in the drinks markets. This is why many consumers start hoarding. This has far-reaching consequences.

Hamster purchases cause extra scarcity

When consumers hoard drinks, empty packaging also becomes scarce. The Bavarian Brewers Association warns against this. He therefore buys from beer hamster. And this despite the fact that the carbon dioxide in the breweries is becoming scarce.

“On the one hand there will be enough beer, at least of the main varieties, in the winter, on the other hand hoarding is counterproductive for our industry, because then we run out.” Georg Schneider explains this to a newspaper. He is the brewery president of Bavaria.

However, due to a lack of empties, the beer is becoming even more scarce. Because then the breweries can’t bottle. A vicious circle. And this is even more serious than previous hamster purchases. Because only the product was scarce there. In this case, however, another important part for the production is missing.

Production has changed

The breweries are forced to do this. The lack of natural gas is of course a reason for this. But carbon dioxide is also becoming scarce. Because this is a by-product of ammonia production in Germany.

That is why the breweries limit their production. They produce fewer specialty beers and concentrate on the main products. Because the dealers currently only offer 30 percent of the carbon dioxide that is normally available.

However, carbon dioxide is especially important for the filling process. This squeezes the oxygen out of the empty bottles. But other industries also need carbon dioxide. Like meat plants. These need the carbonation in packaged sausages.

This creates competition between the breweries and other industries.

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