“This is my space for criticism”

BVB trainer Edin Terzic: “If I want to criticize someone, I do it in my trainer’s office.”

BVB coach Edin Terzic criticizes his players “openly, honestly and harshly”. He gives them tips. And he praises her. The Borussia Dortmund coach uses three different rooms for this.

80,000 fans in the stadium, millions of television viewers, tens of millions of followers on the various social media channels of the club and the players. Floodlights, spotlights and slow motion stage the game and the pros like a high-gloss show. Once the game is over, coaches and players have to give interviews. Cameras and microphones suggest maximum proximity. glasses, within reach. But part of the truth only exists in the shielded environment. Coach Edin Terzic first gave an explanation at “19:09 – the black and yellow talk” by Ruhr Nachrichten and Radio 91.2.

BVB coach Terzic: ‘Three rooms that are extremely important to me’

BVB coach Edin Terzic: ‘If I want to give praise, I will do it there’

Feedback culture at Borussia Dortmund: praise and criticism

“19:09 – the black-and-yellow talk” with BVB trainer Edin Terzic

BVB coach Terzic values ​​feedback from certain people

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