US Secret Service allegedly invaded China’s telecommunications network

Employees of the American secret service NSA are said to have taken control of parts of the Chinese telecommunications network. This was reported by the Chinese state newspaper Global Times on Thursday. According to this information, the NSA was able to gain access to a state-funded university through an email phishing attack.

Beijing sees the US cyberwarfare agency, the US foreign intelligence agency NSA, as an attacker, the Global Times report found. By June 2022, a phishing attack on members of Northwestern Polytechnical University had already become known. At the time, teachers and students are said to have received e-mails containing trojans intended to obtain personal data.

According to the Global Times, the NSA was able to remotely access the university’s core networks and access its telecommunications operators, the report said. Sensitive data, including network configurations, network management data and operational data, was recorded. The Global Times does not disclose how the attackers proceeded and managed to gain access to parts of the Chinese telecommunications network via the university network. An analysis of the malware, however, would have indicated that the attack went back to the Data Reconnaissance Bureau of the US NSA’s information division.

The Chinese source does not specify which telecom operators were specifically affected. However, China’s telecom network is largely owned by the three major operators China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, raising suspicions that one or more of these operators may be affected.

Bloomberg made a request to the American foreign intelligence service NSA after the announcement. This has not yet been answered, so a statement is still pending.

In recent years, the US and China have repeatedly accused each other of industrial espionage and, in general, of hacking networks and spying on data. China increasingly accuses US government agencies of attacks.


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