Who will replace Latifi at Williams?

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Domenicali: 24 races is the end

Many fans think 24 Formula 1 races a year is too much – not to mention the mechanics and other employees who have to travel all the way. After all, the calendar should not get any bigger.

Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali explained to the ‘Mirror’ about even more races: “24 races is the maximum. It is a question of supply and demand, of strategic decisions.”

Although I am skeptical of such statements on principle and as an example I repeatedly refer to the fact that after the first triple header in 2018 it was said that there would be no more in the future.

In reality, there will be two triple headers on the calendar again in 2023.

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Beginners in Singapore

We stay far away from Latifi. Because although the Canadian is already in his third Formula 1 season with Williams, he will be a “rookie” again next weekend. He has never competed in Singapore.

The background is that the race had to be canceled for the past two years and was last held in 2019. As a result, many drivers have never driven on the street circuit.

In addition to Latifi, these are also Mick Schumacher, Yuki Tsunoda and of course Guanyu Zhou. And possibly also Nyck de Vries, should he again fill in for Alexander Albon.

Its start is not yet 100 percent certain.

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Capito: Latifi a “great team player”

Meanwhile, Williams team principal Jost Capito said he wanted to thank Latifi “on behalf of the whole team” for “three years of hard work at Williams”.

“He is a great team player with a great attitude to his colleagues and his work and is valued and respected throughout the company,” said Capito.

“Our time together is now coming to an end. […] We wish him every success for the future – inside and outside the cockpit,” said the team principal.

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No Latifi successor known yet

The official press release only states that Latifi will be leaving the team. There is no successor yet. This will be announced in due course. Meanwhile, Latifi herself thanks the team.

“Even though together we didn’t achieve the results we hoped for, it was a fantastic journey,” the Canadian recalls, adding that he will now open “the next chapter of my career”.

What that looks like is unclear at the moment. In the meantime, he wants to continue to give everything for Williams until the end of the season.

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Latifi leaves Williams

Breaking News: Williams just announced that Nicholas Latifi will be leaving the team at the end of the year. More about that in the ticker!

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Speaking of Aston Martins…

… by the way, I can also recommend this video. Our expert Marc Surer explains why Fallows and newcomer Fernando Alonso need to move slowly in 2023.

With Alonso & Fallows, Aston MUST move forward!

Marc Surer: Why an aerodynamicist is Aston Martin’s great hope and what role “alpha animal” Fernando Alonso could play. More Formula 1 Videos

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Aston Martin confident: 2023 “much more competitive”

Aston Martin is currently in ninth and penultimate place in the World Cup. However, Dan Fallows does not expect this to continue in 2023. “We think, [das neue Auto] will be much more competitive than this year’s car,” he announces.

“I am confident that we can take a big step forward with the AMR23,” he explains confidently, adding that he expects improvements to the car “everywhere”. There are currently “hundreds of projects” to make the car faster.

“All this will give the car performance,” he is sure. We are curious. Even if Sebastian Vettel no longer benefits from it…

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Admittedly, comeback…

Vettel might also do very well to save one. Our photo series shows that something like this can quickly backfire. In other cases, however, it worked very well…

Photo gallery: Formula 1 champions making a comeback

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Norris: Could also learn something from Ricciardo

So back to the current situation at McLaren: While Lando Norris is clearly in control of Daniel Ricciardo in the World Cup, he emphasizes that he has learned a lot from the Australian in the two McLaren years together.

“It’s not like he’s better than me in every way. […] But he does certain things very well. And I was able to learn from that,” reveals Norris, who also makes it clear that it didn’t take him to a “new level”.

“Every little thing you can learn from someone helps,” Norris clarifies, recalling: “He has a lot more experience than me and was in Formula 1 much longer. He won races, I never did.”

Therefore, he was able to take some useful things with him from the time together.

09:14 o’clock

Ten years ago today…

… Sebastian Vettel won the Singapore Grand Prix in 2012. Even more important to Formula 1 history, however, is Lewis Hamilton’s failure in this race.

According to legend, this led to Hamilton leaving McLaren at the end of the season and switching to the works Mercedes team.

More background information can be found here!

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Is P3 more valuable than P2 at the World Cup?

Should Mercedes lose on purpose against Ferrari for second place in the World Championship? What seems odd at first glance makes perfect sense, according to tech expert Gary Anderson.

In a conversation with ‘The Race’ he writes: “One of my big questions is whether Mercedes is already [Platz zwei in der WM abzuschreiben]to get more aerodynamic research time next season?”

The background is the relatively new handicap system in Formula 1. This means that the second-placed in the World Championship has less time for aerodynamic development (wind tunnel and CFD) than the third-placed.

Anderson therefore explains that given Mercedes’ current problems, “getting third place and getting more wind tunnel and CFD time could be the real prize”. An exciting thought.

On the other hand: Which athlete would voluntarily give away a better placement…?

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Confusion about Max Verstappen

This alleged screenshot of Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet made the rounds last night. Piquet then of course announces a pregnancy. Will Verstappen be a father then? No!

Because the photo is fake. Verstappen’s management confirms this to ‘Shownieuws’. In Verstappen’s house there is probably only World Cup and no father joy.

With his 24 years, the Dutchman still has plenty of time 😉

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Is Norris that good or Ricciardo that bad?

With 88:19 points, the Briton is currently ahead in the team-internal McLaren duel. That begs the question: is Ricciardo, after all an eight-time Grand Prix winner, so bad this year or is the McLaren not allowing it anymore and is Norris just that good?

“Ricciardo is a multiple race winner, one of the best drivers in the world,” emphasizes Nico Rosberg on ‘Sky’, explaining: “I can’t believe that Ricciardo suddenly forgot how to drive super fast.”

“That’s why I think Lando is currently performing like a world champion. He drives incredibly well,” suspects Rosberg, who is therefore not sure whether Oscar Piastri will really cut a much better figure next to Norris in 2023.

“Lando is world class, he has what it takes to become world champion. It’s going to be” [für Piastri] so it won’t be easy to get there and do better than Daniel,” Rosberg warns the rookie.

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